How to activate windows 8.1

Hello Readers,
So you enjoyed my previous post about how to activate windows Xp or windows XP activation tricks, Now we are going to learn that  How to activate windows 8.1 with simple steps.

How to activate windows 8.1

First You have to download Activator of windows 8.1 after that you can follow the below instructions.
  1. Run activator as admin
  2. Click Windows 8.1 Install/Uninstall
  3. Wait until restart
  4. Your windows 8.1 has been activated
I have already Tested on Windows 8 Enterprise-N build 9200. you can test it on windows 8.1 also.

Every user want to activate free windows 8.1 as fully activated with out serial key or no. thats why i am providing this tricks as a simple way.

New Features in windows 8 after activate it :

  • Search
  • Startup
  • User login
  • Bundled apps
  • Start screen
  • Task Manager
  • File Explorer
  • Notifications
  • Windows Store
  • Touch keyboard
  • Display screen
  • user interface
  • Password input
  • Internet Explorer
  • Language and standards support

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