How to make windows xp bootable usb

How to make windows xp bootable usb

Windows XP usb installation instruction:

After writing post how to make bootable windows 7 usb and how to make windows 8 usb bootable Now we are going to learn bootable XP window on pendrive.

It's easy to make a pen drive bootable of window XP like win7 and win 8. Just follow instruction carefully

First we have to formate our pen drive before make it bootable. its easy to formate pen drive. please read following step.

  1. First insret your usb.
  2. Run usb formatter as administrator.
  3. Select file system as NTFS.
  4. Click on quick format.
  5. Click on start

Second we have to download winmount and install in our computer {inside} if already install then skip this step.

After few second your usb (pendrive) is formatted.then install winsetup.{inside}.
How to make windows xp bootable usb

  1. Open winsetup
  2. Browse your iso image.{if you are unable to select your iso file then open your iso image with create mounted image of windows setup in my computer and select it}
  3. Select your usb under usb disk selection.
  4. Click on rmprepusb under format usb disk.
  5. Click on NTFS under file system and overrides.
  6. Click on exit button.
  7. Click on go.

Wow ! you have made successfully window XP bootable pendrive in just few minutes.
after few minute your windows xp setup is ready to use in usb. Now you are ready to install your window.

  1. Restart you pc
  2. The start bios post message by click on del,f8,f9 etc{change acc. to pc read on screen then click suitable button}
  3. Go to boot section.
  4. 16) click on disk priority and choose usb as first.
  5. Save your setting and again restart.
  6. Now your windows setup is start choose first setup then choose suitable option and format your disk.
  7. Again restart and now choose second setup choose suitable options and install you window.
  8. After completing windows installtion change your disk priority from usb to hard disk or just remove usb disk priority automatically change.
Enjoy your windows is completely install within few minute. :D

I hope you liked this post about How to make windows xp bootable usb its simple step by step guide just read instruction and follow them carefully.

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