How to make windows 8 bootable usb

How to make pendrive bootable for windows 8

Windows 8 usb  installation instruction:

Every computer or laptop user are worried from CD / DVD drive so every user want to make USB pendrive bootable to boot or formate the computer. Bootable pendrive of windows 8 is easy to make and we can easily formate our computer / laptop easily by pendrive. 

Computer user think how to make pendrive bootable for windows 7 ? so we are providing step by step guide for install windows from usb.

Install microsoft net 2.0{inside} if already install the skip this step.
  1. Install windows7-usb-dvd-tool.
  2. Insert usb device.
  3. Run windows7-usb-dvd-tool software.
  4. Browse your windows 8 iso image and click on next.
  5. Then click on  usb device
  6. Choose your usb.
  7. Click on begin copying.

How to make windows 8 bootable usb

After few minute your windows 8 setup is ready to use in usb. I know you are thinking that its very easy to make a win 8 bootable pendrive :P Yes you are right every thing is easy if you have correct guidance and its easier if you are taking proper guidance from me :P :D  

Now we are going to install window 8 in our computer. I hope it will also easy to install win 8 in laptop or computer.
Now you are ready to install your window. Please read all instruction carefully and in last don't forgate to say me thanks :D

How to formate computer / laptop by bootable pendrive ? 

  1. Restart you pc
  2. The start bios post message by click on del,f8,f9 etc{change acc. To pc read on screen then click suitable button}
  3. Go to boot section.
  4. Click on disk priority and choose usb as first.
  5. Save your setting and again restart.
  6. Now your window setup is start choose suitable options and install your windows.
  7. After completing windows installtion change your disk priority from usb to hard disk or just remove usb disk priority automatically change.

Enjoy your windows is completely install within few minutes. Now you can access all things of windows 8 . its include all new features.

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