How to make a windows 7 bootable usb

How to make pendrive bootable for windows 7

windows 7 usb  Installation Instruction:

Every computer user is worried from DVD drive so all want to make USB pendrive bootable to boot or formate their system. Bootable pendrive is easy to make and we can easily formate our computer / laptop easily by pendrive. 

Computer user think how to make pendrive bootable for windows 7 ? so we are providing step by step guide for install windows from usb.

First you have to download Power ISo and after that you have to  Install windows 7 iso to make win 7 usb [How to install Power ISO]

  1. Run the power iso setup
  2. Install it fully by the on-screen given instruction
  3. After that go to keygen folder run the keygen.exe to generate a key and apply it.
  4. And enjoy you new fully activated power iso.How to make a windows 7 bootable usb
After install power iso on your computer please go to step 1 again to make pendrive bootable for windows 7. 
  1. Start Power ISO.
  2. Click on tools
  3. Click on create bootable usb drive.
  4. Select your Windows 7 ISO image under source Image File.
  5. Select your USB device under Destination USB Drive.
  6. Select USB-HDD in write method under settings.
  7. Click on Start.
After few minute your Windows 7 setup is ready to use in USB. I can see a smile on your face right now after make a bootable usb for windows 7. :P :D

Just keep smile on yopur face and learn about formate method of windows 7 and learn how to install windows 7 in your computer.

How to formate computer / Laptop by bootable pendrive ? 

Now you are ready to install your window 7
  1. Restart your pc
  2. The start BIOS post message by click on DEL, F8, F9 etc {Change acc to pc read on screen then click suitable button.}
  3. Go to boot sevtion.
  4. Click on disk priority and choose USB as first.
  5. Save your setting and again restart.
  6. Now your window setup is start choose suitable options and install your windows.
  7. After completing windows installation change your disk priority from USB to Hard disk or just remove USB disk priority automatically change.
Enjoy your windows 7 is completely install with in few minutes. Its very easy tips to install windows 7 in a short time by pendrive or usb drive.

Just you have to make a bootable pendrive of win 7 and after that you have to install windows 7 in your laptop or computer.

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  1. How to make a windows 7 bootable USB? As it is really easy but with window 7 this is not easy for me to make because for all of these things is not easy. So I just want to learn and this trouble for me at this time.

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